Ecosystem Approach Project

The Healthy Headwaters Lab as part of the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor is inviting you to stay connected and provide additional input to their project!

An ecosystem approach accounts for the interrelationships among air, water, land, and all living things, including humans, and involves all user groups in management. An ecosystem approach:

  • recognizes that humans are in an ecosystem
  • acknowledges interconnectedness
  • pursues sustainability
  • works to understand places and integrate processes
  • involves all stakeholders

Please take some time to consider the following questions…

  • Why is an ecosystem approach important today and is it relevant to you on your work on the Detroit River?
  • In what ways is an ecosystem approach/ecosystem-based management valid, important, and actionable?
  • What is missing from our list of draft recommendations?

For more information, please visit and share your ideas to


Get Involved!

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