Wastewater, where does it go?

Wastewater, where does it go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to water and other substances when they are flushed down our drains and toilets? It shouldn’t be a mystery, and the City of Windsor and the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup initiative have partnered to create a wastewater video to help de-mystify the topic, and educate viewers.

Everything we put down our drains can have a big impact on our home and our environment. For example, there are many household items that are branded as ‘flushable’ that shouldn’t be put down the toilet. Same goes with old, expired medication — wastewater treatment plants were never designed to remove those substances from water.

The video follows the flow of wastewater from a home in Windsor to one of two places: the wastewater treatment plant or the Detroit River. Using stunning graphics, the video highlights where the water goes, tips on what you should and shouldn’t put down the drain, and how our wastewater gets treated before being released into the Detroit River.

Number one, number two and TP…toilet paper — is the video’s final reminder, and the message the partners hope that viewers retain. View the video by clicking ‘Play’ below:

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