Here are some videos created by the DRCC…enjoy! 

What happens to our wastewater?

 The City of Windsor and the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Initiative have partnered to create this video to show what happens to wastewater when it goes down the drain.

 1,2 and TP, that’s it!

Your toilet’s not a garbage can. Let’s prevent sewer backup by sticking to “1, 2 and T.P.” In your sink, soap and water, that’s it.

Progress in the Detroit River

Doug Haffner, senior Canada research chairman for the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, talks on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, in Windsor, Ont., about how there’s still a way to go in the cleanup of the Detroit River.

Restoring our River Together!

A brief public service announcement providing an overview of the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup initiative and how to get more information.

Get Involved!

From tree plantings and clean ups, to advocacy and education programs, CLICK HERE to find out how you can be involved with protecting and enhancing the Detroit River.