ERCA’s Y.E.S. Team Visits Fighting Island

On Monday, August 24, members of ERCA’s Y.E.S.(Youth Engagement Strategy) Team visited BASF’s Fighting Island. Fighting Island is one of several islands within the Detroit River, and has a storied history of industrial use, restoration, and environmental education. Four BASF employees met the Y.E.S. Team and provided us with a great overview of this history, then kindly loaned us ‘gators’ for the morning to enable us to travel the entire perimeter of the island.
We had glorious weather for our tour! We saw loads of turtles, had great views of the Michigan side of the river, identified native and invasive plants, and discussed how BASF and the island have played a significant role in the clean up of the Detroit River. There was much going on on the island that morning. It is an active corporate retreat and education centre, and we appreciated BASF taking the time to make our visit so enjoyable!

The Y.E.S. Team is a group of youth aged 13-25 interested in making a positive impact on the local Windsor-Essex environment. Are you under 25 and interested in getting involved with the Y.E.S. Team? Please contact Caroline Biribauer for more information!

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