Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Guidance Manual

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (“ministry”) is seeking public input on two consultants’ reports; a jurisdictional scan of international stormwater management requirements for controlling rainwater volumes, and potential runoff targets.

The ultimate goal of stormwater management is to maintain the health of streams, lakes and aquatic life. To achieve this goal, stormwater management strives to maintain the natural hydrologic cycle, prevent an increased risk of flooding, prevent undesirable stream erosion, and protect water quality.

The ministry is proposing to work with all partners in a stepwise, science-based process to update its LID guidance. Following public comments on these two reports, a draft LID guidance manual will be developed and posted for public comment on the Environmental Registry. Finally, these public comments would be used to finalize the LID guidance.

Comment Period: 30 days: submissions may be made between June 15, 2017 and July 15, 2017.

EBR Registry Number:   012-9080
Ministry: Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: June 15, 2017

Submit Comments

All comments on this proposal must be directed to:

John Antoszek
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Environmental Sciences and Standards Division
Standards Development Branch
Water Standards
40 St. Clair Avenue West
Floor 9
Toronto Ontario
Phone: (416) 314-4939

To submit a comment online, please visit the EBR post here.


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