Pêche Island Day 2017

On Saturday September 23 2017, guests from across Windsor-Essex celebrated World Rivers Day by crossing the Detroit River to visit Pêche Island. The island is only accessible by boat, kayak or canoe, and so many of the visitors experienced this hidden gem for their first time. With the help of Windsor Essex County Canoe Club, the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Windsor from the University of Windsor, and Captain Dan Leavoy and his Fish Tank, 531 people and 40 volunteers made their way to the City of Windsor’s hardest to get to park.

While on the island, guests were able to walk around on the trail system, see the historical Hiram Walker summer house ruins as well as 175 year old native trees and lush wetlands. In addition, guests helped to install a new Bald Eagle platform with the hope to encourage the birds to come back to Pêche Island.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the Detroit River and Peche Island. This even couldn’t have been possible without our partners including Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER), City of Windsor, Windsor Essex County Canoe Club and Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario.

Pêche Island Day 2017 Photo Gallery

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